Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance do I need to book my move?

We know that military moves often have little advance notice. We work hard to be able to provide the quickest moving services for your convenience. If possible, it is great to have our customers contact at least 2-4 weeks ahead of time, but we can also work you in when you call with short notice for an expedited move.


Are there things that the movers will not move?

Due to federal laws we cannot move live plants, guns or ammunition, animals or anything that could be considered flammable including motor oil, gasoline, kerosene and other flammable liquids.


How many movers will be there to take care of my move?

This will depend on how large, or small your current home is and how much property needs to be moved. Do not worry. We always send enough team members to get everything taken care of quickly and efficiently.


How do you determine the quote that you give me?

We have been in the moving industry for many years and when someone calls for a quote we gather all of the necessary information to know how many rooms we will need to handle, whether packing and crating will be needed and how far your property needs to go. Through the contact that we have with you and the information that you provide we will be able to figure in labor time and manpower that will be necessary for your quote.


I am moving overseas. Will the customs clearance be included in my quote?

For those making a move overseas, we will provide a quote that includes your customs duties as well as taxes and inspection fees. Everything that you need will be in the quote unless otherwise noted.


Can I have large, bulky items such a piano moved?

Our team handles all items from small accessories to large pianos, lawn statues and much more. If it needs to be moved, we will get it moved safely.


What happens if my property is damaged during the move?

As long as our team has handled packing everything, your items will be completely covered during the move by General Liability Insurance.


I need to ship my car. Can I pack all of my property inside the car during the move?

Due to DOT regulations, cars and personal property must be separate when shipped. We can handle moving all of your property but your personal items will need to be on a moving truck rather than inside of the vehicle.


Will the movers unload and unpack my property at the new house?

Our team will handle the move entirely from start to finish and this includes packing as well as unpacking. We also handle disassembly and reassembly of appliances and furniture.


Will I need to be present when the movers show up?

Your need to be present when the movers arrive to sign paperwork and to make sure everything is handled as you want it to be. If you are unable to be present personally, you will need to have an authorized representative present in your place.


Our team is standing by to give you a quote and get your move started. When you are ready all you need to do is fill out the form on this page for fast and reliable moving services. 

About Us

Navy Movers has long been on a mission to be the highest ranking moving and storage company that the military has ever seen and so far, we have seen our mission reach new heights in the moving industry over the last fifteen years. We have one goal, and only one, and that is to ensure that every move we handle for our outstanding military members and their families as well as the thousands of civilians that we serve each year goes smoothly from start to finish each and every move.

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